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Construction Notice Services was founded in 1984 to serve material suppliers and subcontractors in the construction industry. They help businesses with lien notices, lien recording, and bond claims. The company offers nationwide service from its offices in Oregon, California, Washington, and Nevada. Some of its clients include Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation, Rexel Electric Supply Company, and Accoustical Material Services.

Construction notice service providers are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. They produce documents based on information that customers provide. They are not liable for any errors that may be found in the documents they produce. A construction notice service can provide a sample or a copy of a notice to a homeowner or other interested party. Go to to get the best construction notice service providers.

It's important to remember that the notice provision in a construction contract will vary depending on the terms of the contract. It could range from seven to 21 days. Other contracts may allow only two days or even thirty days. Knowing the notice deadlines will help ensure that a contractor is sending the correct document, which may help prevent future disagreements over the details of a project. Also, a contractor must be aware of the content and quantity of information that should be included in the notice. Some contracts only require basic information, while others require more detailed information.

Fortunately, there are a number of services available that can make construction notices simple and efficient. BICA, for example, offers nationwide "Upfront Notices" to contractors, as well as a "Notice to Owner and Contractor" and "Notice of Right to Lien." In addition to the nationwide construction notice service, BICA also offers a variety of additional services that help clients achieve the best possible recovery, at the lowest possible cost.

A notice is required by law for the contractor to file a lien in some states, go here for more info. Unlike other construction notices, a Notice of Intent to Lien is sent within ten days of filing the lien. It notifies other people working on the site of the lien and warns them of impending action.

A Notice of Commencement is also needed in some states. While this isn't required in all states, the process can be confusing. States that have an explicit process for completing the project require it to be served, such as Texas, South Carolina, and North Dakota. This legal document helps property owners and construction lenders better manage their mechanics lien exposure.

A Notice to Proceed (NOP) creates a more certain date when a party should begin work on a project. This document also urges the recipient to begin work. The purpose of a Notice to Proceed is to avoid delays in the construction process. Delay can lead to a substantial expense. Because construction schedules are subject to delay, liquidated damages provisions are common in construction contracts.

In addition to the notices themselves, the construction notices must contain a general description of the jobsite and the name and address of the owner. This information is critical to avoiding costly litigation. For more info, check out this related link:



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